4 Ps of Social Marketing – The Marketing Mix

The 4 Ps of social marketing alternatively called the Marketing Mix was first introduced by (there are different claims). Some say Kotler and Zaltman, others say Edmund Jerome McCarthy. Let’s not fight regarding that. We will try to learn about the 4Ps (P, P, P, P) whose are the most important to us.

Product: What is marketing without a product? Everything starts with a product. A product is a tangible object or service that helps to ease our lifestyle. A piece of chocolate is a product. Similarly, if you are a plumber and it may seem you don’t have a tangible product but your plumbing service is your product.

A product must solve some sort of problem or add value to the life of consumers. Take your mobile phone as an example. The phone itself is a tangible product. It adds value to your life. It helps you to get entertained, communicate, connect, and more.

On the other hand, the cellular carrier you are using although it is not tangible but it is a service that helps you to connect and talk to people around the globe. It is also a product.
You should have a product before you get into any sort of marketing. Either it is traditional marketing or social marketing.

Price: Proper pricing. Your product should have a price that makes sense and affordable to your target consumers. You cannot price a piece of chocolate $100,00,000. It does not make sense and nobody is going to buy this. This may sound a bit childish as an example. Still, an example is an example.

How do you set prices for a product? You should take a lot of things into consideration for pricing. For a tangible product, you count the cost of raw materials, labor cost, machinery, resource cost (water, electricity, gas), your profit, your approximate sale, how competitive is your price compared to available similar products that are already in the market.
For a service product, you should count the amount of time and effort you invested to have that skill. You should price your service accordingly. A plumber and a programmer never going to charge the same for their services.

Place: Know where to place your services/products. You should know what kind of services are in demand. You cannot sell ice in Antarctica or sand in the Sahara desert. Your product should make sense to the place and target the right group of people.

Promotion: Now comes the final P Promotion. It is time to promote your product. You should know how to reach your target audience. You have a product for schools, there is no point to promote it to gyms. Waste of money. Product promotion will cost you money. You should spend this money wisely.

Try to learn what kind of media your target audience use through which you can reach them. Maybe some of them use Facebook, others may prefer twitter, Instagram. You may have to use a newspaper, radio as a medium of promotion. When they are most active on those media platforms? These data will help you to use your promotional campaign efficiently.

I hope this post helped you to have a clear understanding about 4 ps of social marketing and this will help you to make a successful social marketing campaign. Feel free to drop your thoughts in the comment section.

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